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Jerry Hanover
I go to Car Starter Installation for all my auto systems. I had them put a new security system and a remote starter on my Mustang last year, and they did a great job! These guys are really professional and know everything there is to know about any kind of electronics or car accessories. My new navigation system is awesome, and I know I can count on it to work right every time. I won't let anyone else touch my car electronics except the great techs at Car Starter Installation. And you can bet I'll tell anyone who asks who does the best car systems that they can't do better than Car Starter Installation auto system installation.
Jason Trueman
I LOVE my new sound system! I took my ride to Car Starter Installation and the guys there did an awesome job installing my new CD player, amp, and a 10" sub-woofer. The sound is so crisp and clean when I crank the volume and I just love cruising with my friends and rocking out to my tunes. It didn't take long at all for them to hook me up with my new sound system and the price was right. Anytime somebody talks about buying a car stereo system or any kind of electronics, I'll tell them to go to Car Starter Installation!
Patrick Niles
I am one happy customer. I took my truck to Car Starter Installation and they have totally modified the intake system and installed a dual exhaust muffler. The performance is outstanding! I've got more torque and you can just feel all that horsepower when you touch the accelerator. The techs gave me great advice on the best enhancements and I couldn't be more pleased with the entire job. I'll be going back soon to get new wheels and I'm thinking about getting them to install a lift kit, too. I won't take my ride anywhere else, and I'll tell all my friends that Car Starter Installation is the best!
Marcus Corbit
The clasp broke off of my favorite necklace so I brought it in to be fixed. I was greeted at the door and my necklace was fixed in a matter of minutes. I was impressed. Great service.
Buck O'Neal
My trash cans have been smashed for the last time! I finally got tired of fixing little dents and dings from my wife backing into our trash cans so I went to Car Starter Installation and got them to install parking sensors and a rearview camera on our Cadillac Seville. Their professional mechanics did an excellent job and everything works perfectly. I would recommend them to anyone I know for electronics or any kind of auto system installation. My wife is very happy with the rearview camera and says it makes downtown parking such a breeze. Thanks for everything, Car Starter Installation!
Kyle Smith
You want bass that will rattle your teeth and shake the ground? I got my system hooked up at Car Starter Installation. They installed a custom fiberglass enclosure for my 4 10" sub-woofers and loaded me with the best mids and highs. My sound is so sweet and I love plugging in my Ipod and playing my own mixes. The music is so clear and distortion-free it tickles my inner ear. My friends know it's me coming up when I'm still a long way down the road! Car Starter Installation has the best techs and I love the work they did on my ride. I'm getting them to tint my windows next!