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Reverse Camera Installation in Boston Area

Reverse Camera Installation in Boston Area

  You ought to know, dear customer, that it is all a big fuss and nothing else. Parking sensors and reverse cameras, basically, achieve the same purpose – providing the correct setting for an accurate car backing or parking manoeuvre.

  So if you are looking for a parking sensor with the beeps and hello commands and video imaging, look nowhere else - for CarStarter Installation is your one-stop shop solution for every problem. But reverse cameras have an added incentive for the customer – you can keep an eye who has been tailing you from work or who has nudged you from behind and sped away into the city lights. With our remote sensor technology, a clean job by our mechanics ensures that your culprit will be captured through the hind – fitted lens as also his/her license plate number.

  You could also operate the camera device within a range of 50 to 100 metres with the help of a remote control or a wireless device and view the video capture on your home screen. Find out more on our website portal!

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