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Hidden Installation in Boston Area

Hidden Installation in Boston Area

  Radar detectors are used to detect the presence of police radar speed guns within a specified limit, as mentioned in the configuration of the radar detector device.

  Speed guns are used by the road safety patrolmen to keep a check on the excessive speed limits that are breached by erratic and errant drivers. The radar detectors usually spot a radar detector from a distance of 100 – 1000 metres, but nowadays, it is possible to adjust and fix the specified field limit for spotting the signals of these speed guns and decreasing your car speed, well before there is a cop car in sight.

  CarStarter Installation provides the correct setting by having our customers equipped with the right kind of equipment, especially hidden radar detectors which are fitted inside the mechanism of your vehicle which could be pretty difficult to spot for any naked eye. A screen monitor would help you locate the presence of a police car.

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