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Car Windows Tinting in Boston Area

Car Windows Tinting in Boston Area

  Car tint or window tint is a transparent film which can be attached to the windows of your car.

  They make the glass windows darker to obstruct outsiders’ view into your car. The main purpose for tinting your car could be to prevent harmful sun radiation from entering your car. CarStarter Installation has the car tinting solutions to serve every need.

  Our special films deflect 90% of the heated rays emitted by the sun to keep the insides cool even while driving on a hot and sunny day. About 99% of harmful UV rays are deflected away from the car, which have been known to cause skin cancer. It obstructs view of outsiders inside your car which does not compromise on your privacy while you are inside it.

  When the cars are tinted, the insides stay cool automatically thereby reducing the pressure on the air conditioner of your drive which further reduces your fuel consumption. Colored tinted films can also be attached to your windows to give a touch of aestheticism to your car.

  CarStarter Installation has different options to choose from when it comes to tinting your car based on quality, level of thickness and color. They can be easily attached to your window glass with an adhesive which does not cause any damage to the glass plus it goes on for years and years.

These Car Windows Tinting options are available: