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Twitters Installation in Boston Area

Twitters Installation in Boston Area

  Cars with tweeters are very far and few between; we applaud the inquisitive mind our eager customer to find out what exactly is a tweeter. A tweeter is an electric device, a sound transducer more so, that is used for emitting and resonating the sounds which fall under the high and very high frequencies.

  A connoisseur of good sound will always want to pay the perfect homage to his beloved music artistes and therefore will want to listen to their songs in the purest form, the most pristine version of it. Tweeters usually let pass a sound wave of a frequency that fluctuates between 2000 Hz to 20,000Hz. Just like a woofer is named after the sound generated by a canine, a tweeter traces back its origin from the sound of a bird’s voice pattern.

  Different brands of tweeters are available in the market which CarStarter Installation does stock itself up with but we would recommend our proud customers to opt for the OEM accessories since you would not be subject to mass produce and be left with a one-off sub-standard component.

We install Car Audio / Stereo manufactures such as:

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