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Crossovers Installation in Boston Area

Crossovers Installation in Boston Area

  Speakers are, primarily, fitted with transducers that emit varying frequencies of sound. Such an arrangement is necessary for events or places where eclecticism needs to observed while emitting the right kind of sound levels as well as maintaining an equated distribution and dispersion of sound waves.

  Speakers need to emit the ultra – low, low, high as well as the super – high frequencies depending upon the musical structure of the songs or the movements of the opera, etc. This is taken care of by the sub – woofers for extremely low frequencies, woofers for the low and the mid – low range of frequencies, mid – level speakers for the mid and high range of frequencies & the tweeters for the high range of frequencies.

  The main function of an audio crossover, therefore, is to route these electrical energy waves, emanating from the musical equipment, that convert into sound energy, and are passed to the apt frequency handling components. Log on to our website to check out our OEM correct setting arrangements with our technical staff!

We install Car Audio / Stereo manufactures such as: