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Tilt & Towing sensor Installation in Boston Area

Tilt & Towing sensor Installation in Boston Area

  CarStarter Installation has researched that thieves have gone to the next level when it comes to stealing your car. Until some time back an average car thief would break into your car and steal it.

  But these days, the thieves are much more equipped and prepared to perform the crime. They arrive with a towing van and at the right chance steal your car by towing it away making any chance of saving your car very dim. But to avoid such pursuits, tilt and towing based alarm systems have been introduced which detect any kind of tilting in the balance of your car. The sensors work on a mercury based container which shifts if the car is titled upwards or backwards. Any shift in this location of the mercury would trigger the alarm to negate the car thief’s attempts.

  Tilt and towing based alarm system is very complicated to install, thereby creating room for CarStarter Installation’s services where we not only provide the best variety of such systems but also install it in your automobile to give you the perfect setting.

  This system epitomizes our endeavor to ensure that every car is safe from such attacks.

  Technology would always keep coming out with latest devices to ensure 100% safety of your car.

We install Alarms & Starters manufactures such as: