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Radar & Proximity sensor Installation in Boston Area

Radar & Proximity sensor  Installation in Boston Area

  With the advent of car alarms, the number of cars getting stolen each year has reduced dramatically. The high tech sensors are sensitive to any forced intrusion in your automobile. But these systems too have some limitations.

  Firstly, it has been noticed that a lot of false alarms get triggered due to changing weather conditions causing nuisance for the car owners.

  Secondly, the convertible cars are yet not safe because the soft cover of the roof still is permeable to intrusion.

  Technology has provided a solution to every problem, including this one. CarStarter Installation, your favorite destination for car accessories, presents the Radar and Proximity detection alarm systems which use microwaves to detect suspicious activity around your automobile. These do not get affected by changing weather conditions thereby reducing the rate of false alarms. Plus the soft cover convertibles are also well protected.

  As soon as a thief tries to tear through the cover, the alarm gets triggered negating the former’s efforts. This equipment has a high radius of detection providing a much greater level of protection to your car. CarStarter Installation retails the best quality radar and proximity alarm equipment for your car and also provides the expertise for installing the same.

  We understand your need and help you decide the correct security system to ensure that your car is safe from any kind of intrusion.

  As always, you can depend on CarStarter Installation for all your car-needs.

We install Alarms & Starters manufactures such as: