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Intely Key Start Installation in Boston Area

Intely Key Start Installation in Boston Area

  CarStarter Installation’s 24 year old history has allowed us to provide our customers with the most unique and high-tech products that the industry has to offer.

  Using the Intely key start car-owners can enter their cars without even pressing a button, leave aside using keys. All we can say that your car just got a little intelligent. Intely key start involves a transmitter device and receptor. The transmitter has to be held by the car owner while the receptor has to be installed within the car.

  As soon as the transmitter comes within the receptor range, the equipment becomes functional. For example, when you pull the handle of your car door or trunk door, it unlocks automatically and opens without you having to struggle with the keys. Also the ignition becomes a push button start which ignites as soon as you are seated and you push it.

  CarStarter Installation has the best range of Intely key start systems available in the market at the most reasonable rates.

  We install it in your vehicle and teach to how to operate the same.

These Intely Key Start options are available:

Push button remote start

Push button remote start

Intely key start enables you to open-lock and ignite your car without having to press even a button. As soon as you pull the door handle, it gets unlocked on its own. When you push the start button it ignites, without turning any key. Now that is called an Intelligent System and only CarStarter Installation makes it possible.

We install Alarms & Starters manufactures such as: